listening births creative solutions

We listen to you.

We want to understand your needs, passions, lifestyles, expectations, and dreams.

Rather than imposing our preferences, we rather have empathy because only then can we birth solutions that resonate with you.

quality creates stunning reality

Our spirit of innovation is balanced with professionalism and work ethic, which are solely founded on virtue, excellence and not otherwise.

Well-executed designs transforms creativity into unique, aesthetic and functional spaces…experiences that you can also connect with for a lifetime.

creative solutions inspire careful management

We marry inspiration with flexibility, craftsmanship and quality.

With careful management, we can commit to uncompromised works of quality.

The result…creative solutions that meet your expectations within realistic and practical boundaries.

our below-market rate professional fees presuppose prompt delivery

Understanding the relatively high Australian cost conditions, we help clients meet their 3D rendering / visualization budgets, and yet fulfil their deadlines.

Our involvement as 3D renders / visualizers garner marketing strengths for property developers, architects and real estate firms in reaching out to their target audiences better.


Our story began in 2003. We were then a furniture and interior accents company in Malaysia. Through years of hard work, commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have built a reputation as a renowned interior architecture firm. This has been our core business-interest ever since.

The establishment of offices in Singapore and Malaysia has opened new avenues for us. Our designs and styles for commercial and residential projects have attracted international attention for their impact, versatility and diverse themes. It is inevitable that we expand into the global horizon.

Today, with a new office addition in Perth, our projects in Western Australia, Singapore, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and China showcase our credibility and strength in the international design industry. Even more importantly, they are testaments to the trust and faith which we have nurtured with our clients.